Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland / 04:03 / POSTED 13.06.17

Saltwater intrusion & traces of pharmaceuticals

Groundwater abstraction, rising sea levels and draining of agricultural soils result in saltwater intrusion and problems for groundwater quality in coastal regions, globally. Various solutions have been developed to protect coastal groundwater resources, but in the search for the most efficient solution, researchers at GEUS have found another issue of increasing global concern – pharmaceuticals.

This is the third and final movie from the project “Water4coasts”. The project is part-funded by Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark under their Ecoinnovation Program,

The final report from the project including an English Summary and GEUS reports in English in the Appendix, is available here:

The Water4Coasts project is continued in the EU Horizon 2020 project ”SubSol” (, 2015-2018), where Dutch subsurface water solutions to control salt water intrusion are tested in a fractured Chalk aquifer in the Water4Coasts test site on the Island of Falster.