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The Color of Ice Trailer

The landscape of North Greenland is changing, fast. The Color of Ice follows a scientist testing a new drill and a hunter navigating a shifting icescape. When an old sea-ice sledging route becomes unreliable, they meet at a new crossroads on the ice sheet. The drill testing reveals how the daily routine of climate research is marked by small setbacks and victories. Ultimately, however, the ice-sheet crossroads highlight the striking changes now confronting Greenland.


William Colgan

Christopher Shields

Olennguaq Kristensen


Anders Drud Jordan

William Colgan

Director, Camera & Editing:

Anders Graver


William Kjarval

Ryan Løkken


Johan Assing Høyer

Film Consultation:

Ane Skak

Frederik Wolff Teglhus


Vivi Nielsen

Nanna Knudsen


Jacob David

Thomas Haarh

Trailer Editing:

Natalia Szwebs

Company Credits:

Audio Networks

Accenture Song Production Studies Denmark