Geo Lectures / 41:11 / POSTED 21.04.16

Building materials as raw materials source

Helmuth Rechberger, Prof. Dr. techn., Technisches Universität Wien, gives a run down of a different approach (than the typical) to where our future resources in society can be mined. In our ever changing cities we have stacked all different kinds of resources into buildings. In this lecture Rechberger shows how he and his colleagues have ‘mapped’ the building stock of the city of Wienna seeing buildings from a resource perspective.

The lecture was given at a MiMa Meeting April 2016. For further information about MiMa (Center for Minerals and Materials):

Further readings:
Fritz Kleemanna, Jakob Lederera, Philipp Aschenbrennera, Helmut Rechbergerg & Johann Fellnera: A method for determining buildings’ material composition prior to demolition.

Published online: 06 Dec 2014 :