Dept. Geosciences and Natural Resource Management / 05:12 / POSTED 23.09.22

Water pathways

The aquatic environment in Denmark is threatened by diffuse leaching of nutrients and pesticides from agricultural production. To implement action plans to reduce nutrient and pollution pressure a thorough understanding of the watercycle is needed. For this project we use stable water and nitrate isotopes together with chemical element composition of different water sources this project aims to explain where does streamflow originate from, what flowpaths did it take to become streamflow, and how long time will the water spent in the catchment from entering as rain to exit as streamflow.”

The short: “The CONTRA-project aims to use stable isotopes of water and nitrate together with the chemical element composition of different water sources to line out/map the hydrological cycle within a river catchment and quantify different water sources to rivers and the turn-over age in hydrological catchments.

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